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Data Aggregation

Creating a single source of medical information
In the healthcare industry, data is everywhere. It is frequently fragmented among a variety of software application, such as specialty medical records, laboratory information systems, radiology systems, adjudicated claims, spreadsheets, and other miscellaneous databases. Data from the various sources may or may not be compatible. Data ownership is often compartmentalized at the team or departmental level, which hinders an organization’s ability to standardize or validate it.
With Data Aggregation, rather than living in separate repositories, information about blood pressure, sleep, fitness, nutrition, lab results, etc., can be funneled into an Electronic Health Record (EHR), providing a single health dashboard from which users and clinicians can make better decisions. Aberrant readings, such as dangerously high blood pressure, can be flagged, and patients can be contacted to discuss solutions. Access to such real-time information improves care.
Data Aggregation is the first step toward solving this problem and creating a “single source” that can be used to strategically drive decision making across the organization. Moving data to the enterprise level is necessary for predictive modeling or any other healthcare data analytics effort.

BayaTree offers software solutions for Data Aggregation that eliminate duplicate data entry and improve the accuracy, timeliness, and quality of aggregated data.