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Monitoring Console

Real-Time Monitoring And Alerts
BayaTree provides proactive monitoring of interfaces and other software processes through its web-based Administration Console (AC). The console maintains configurations and translations, and monitors software status, message traffic, and other performance characteristics. Among other things, it alerts users and administrators via email and SMS of system issues and failures.

Graphical User Interface
Users are provided with a graphical interface. Navigation is facilitated by menus through which the user can select required options. The menus are self-explanatory, very easy to use, and users can navigate from one location to almost any another.

Ease of Use
The application provides users with a multiple document interface. Users can view multiple forms or reports at the same time. Whenever a user tries to delete or edit configuration data, the system requests a confirmation. This is used to avoid accidental changes to the configuration database.

The Administration Console generates several types of utilization statistics, reports, and alerts:

  • Instantaneous alerts via email and SMS
  • Message statistics
  • Error details
  • Activity logs
  • Configuration and translation information

Reports are generated on demand to facilitate retrieval of specific information. These reports allow users to view logs and statistical summaries of messages transferred, including but not limited to, message status, message counts, from/to values, field names, field values, date-time stamps, error descriptions, remarks, table names, field types, custom codes, etc.

Secured Access
Users access their personal Home Page via a User ID / Password mechanism. Administrators grant/revoke privileges to individual users depending upon access requirements. Certain areas of the application are available only to users with appropriate access rights.

Emails and SMS Alerts
If processing errors or transaction failures occur, email and SMS alerts can be sent to administrators and other users.

Multiple Document Interface
Users can view more than one entry form or report at the same time.

Multiple Streams
Multiple HL7 streams can be configured and managed using one Interface Administration Console application.