Creating high-technology value solutions, Delivering reliable services

Product Development

We have comprehensive skills in developing Web and Mobile software products utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. This includes “Greenfield” development as well as modernization of existing applications, and we do this for ourselves and for other organizations.
We truly understand that in today’s highly dynamic business environment, the need for software products that can quickly deliver value is foremost in the minds of customers. The software not only has to be delivered rapidly, but it also needs to be reliable, robust, scalable, extensible, and maintainable. We use Agile and Iterative Software Development methodologies, where requirements and solutions evolve through the collaboration between cross-functional teams.

Web Marketing Management
Ignitur ( is a SaaS product for digital web marketers. The software aims to allow business owners/agencies manage their web marketing efforts, including information gathering, task management, and reporting. It provides complete flexibility for customization of the task management process to meet business needs. Efficiency is enhanced by grouping resources and tools at one central location. Data from multiple APIs, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google WMT, AhRefs, Google Page Speed, MOZ, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MailChimp, and Constant Contact can be displayed after a one-time authorization. The user can also create white-labeled custom reports from data retrieved via the APIs. The Back Office functionality allows administrators to edit subscriptions, provide discounts, extend trial periods, view history of activities, edit the Ignitur inbuilt tasks, and manage bookmarks.

Conference Management
This product allows easy management of Conferences and Workshops. The Customer Portal allows for online enrolment, payments, confirmations, and information distribution.
Back Office features include:

  • Attendee Management, including notifications, enrolment information, eligibility, and scholarships
  • Speaker/Presentation Management, including content review and distribution
  • Conference Administration, including session scheduling, financial control, and enrolment management
  • Reporting, including enrolment and financial statistics

Natively developed iOS and Android Apps allow attendees to view and download:

  • Personalized schedules
  • Session and Topic information
  • Speaker biographies
  • Presentations
  • Discussion Group information
  • Update and manage their profiles
  • Communicate with Conference Administrators

Online Storage
Nexoko ( is a multi-lingual Internet storage solution. Nobody is immune to misplaced USB flash memory, damaged DVDs and CDs, computer hard drive failure, fire, theft, viruses, spyware, and other hazards. With the explosive growth in digital content, both individuals and organizations are struggling to manage, protect, and mitigate the risks associated with the potential loss of their rapidly growing digital assets.
These challenges are large and significant in today’s digital world. Your personal and professional information can be lost forever in a split second. To avoid such accidents, NexOkO offers customers secure online data storage and backup, with improved performance. It allows clients to protect their digital content with just a few clicks.