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Quality Assurance

Almost every project measures and tracks progress against schedules and costs, but few projects measure and track progress against quality goals. Software Engineering efforts are never complete unless they are quality certified to meet customer needs. Software Quality Managers in organizations of any size today face any number of challenges in preparing their products for a successful launch. The need to decrease overall costs of testing, and to deliver on schedule, is ubiquitous. The requirement to “do more with less” calls for a smart outsourcing and automation strategy wherever possible.

BayaTree provides a viable solution for clients who want to transform their quality functions to achieve software development goals without the expense of large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, while still retaining overall control. We provide a full range of quality services to ensure robust and defect-free software products for our customers. Our quality services focus on the following:

  • Quality Assurance: Processes and methods used to develop software
  • Quality of Design: How well the software is designed
  • Quality of Conformance: Conformance to requirements and specifications
  • Reliability: Failure-free operation
  • Maintainability: Facilitate updates to satisfy future requirements

BayaTree recommends continuous quality monitoring during the software development lifecycle. This helps in detecting defects promptly, and prevents deterioration in quality of software builds. Our Quality Engineering Services encompass several types of testing:

  • Black Box
  • White Box
  • Automation
  • Performance

Our teams are proficient in using Version Control Systems such as SVN and CVS, and with various Defect Tracking and Reporting tools. They are also very experienced with the processes related to the triaging and ultimate disposition of defects. This ensures smooth and continuous communication with your development teams.