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Software Engineering

We truly understand that in today’s highly dynamic business environment, the need for software applications that can quickly deliver value is foremost in the minds of our customers. These applications not only have to be delivered rapidly, but they also need to be reliable, robust, scalable, extensible and most importantly, easily upgradable and maintainable.

BayaTree provides world class product development services. We have conducted large scale software development efforts, ranging from Internet based commercial applications to enterprise healthcare products for prominent clients in the Healthcare domain.

Our Software Engineering staff understands the value of Intellectual Property, and how a “Software Product” differs from a “Software Project”. Our proficiency in software internationalization, multiple technologies, and diverse design paradigms helps us recommend the best solution to address client business needs.

We have successfully engineered projects that cover the entire spectrum of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We have taken products through the concept stage to requirements gathering, design, development, quality engineering, final deployment, and subsequent maintenance. Having been extensively involved in the product release cycle, we know what makes products succeed.

Software Craftsmanship is the Software Engineering core at BayaTree. Although we believe in the Agile method of software engineering, we can work with most any engineering methodology. Our Software Engineering Practices ensure that the delivered source code is of the highest quality, with the aim of not only meeting the client’s functional requirements, but also ensuring long term extensibility and maintainability.

Why Select BayaTree?

  • We have extensive experience in developing multi-lingual world class products
  • We understand that the program code is written once but maintained and read many times over, so our software engineering processes ensure delivery of high quality code which is easy to maintain
  • Our software practices
    • Peer review of code
    • Unit Testing
    • Pair programming
    • Code modularity
    • Automated Testing
    • Continuous Quality Assurance
  • Our expertise in building applications using diverse technologies
    • PHP, Laravel, CakePHP,WordPress
    • JavaScript, Node.js, reactjs
    • HTML5, CSS
    • Java, JEE5, JMS, JPA, Spring Boot, EJB3.0
    • C, C++, Go, Rust
    • Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin
    • Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems
    • MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, MongoDB, DynamoDB
    • Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, S3, CLoudWatch, CloudTrail, DynamoDB, ELB, Cognito, Amplify)
  • Reliable delivery by using a proven and well documented Software Development Life Cycle