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Web Application Development

These applications run in Internet Browsers, do not require installation on the local computer or mobile device, and use the HTTP protocol to execute actions on a remote server. This architecture is called “Cloud Computing” or “Software as a Service”. With the minimum requirement of only an Internet Browser, Web Applications can be accessed from varied operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. As processing of Web Applications is centralized on a server, software can be updated easily without users having to perform steps on local machines and devices. Using Internet technologies based on industry standards, it is possible to achieve a greater level of interoperability between applications. Web Services makes it possible to rapidly integrate disparate software systems via an Application Programming Interface (API).

BayaTree has extensive experience creating Web Applications. Our localization and internationalization expertise has allowed us to service clients around the world. We have developed Web Applications for the Healthcare, Education, and Consumer markets. We use technologies like PHP, Java, Rust, Go and Node.js/JavaScript. We also use MVC frameworks to ensure that code is modular and maintainable.


We have deployed applications on both Linux and Windows platforms, and on nginx, Apache, GlassFish, and JBoss webservers. Our team has expertise in the following technologies:

User Interface:

  • HTML 4 and 5, CSS, Bootstrap, Responsive Design

Development Technologies:

  • PHP 8, Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter
  • Java, Spring Boot,JSP, Servlets, Apache Wicket, Hibernate, EclipseLinks
  • JavaScript, Node.js, reactjs
  • C, C++, Go, Rust
  • WordPress CMS

Mobile Development:

  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Kotlin


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • DynamoDB
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Sybase

Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, S3, CLoudWatch, CloudTrail, DynamoDB, ELB, Cognito, Amplify)